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Dear Legislator – Washington State

Dear Washington State Legislator, Our organization of mental health professionals urges you to oppose SB 5722 that would ban so-called “conversion therapy” for minors.  Many states have rejected these bans. Everyone has the freedom and the right to resolve unwanted

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Palm Beach County FL – Petition Against Therapy Ban

Dear Palm Beach County Florida Office of the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, Mayor Paulette Burdick, Vice Mayor Melissa McKinlay, Commissioner Hal Valeche, Commissioner Dave Kerner, Commissioner Steven Abrams, Commissioner Mary Lou Berger, Commissioner Mack Bernard, Re: Petition Against

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Conversion Therapy “Victim” Exposed!!

The most high-profile testimonials of conversion therapy ‘victims’ may actually be frauds with no evidence for their stories. Take Sam Brinton, for example. Google “conversion therapy victim exposed” and instantly discover how lawmakers seem to be routinely hoodwinked by this

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Dear New York City Council

National Task Force for Therapy Equality Equality And Justice For All P.O. Box 15898 Arlington, VA 22215 August 29, 2017 Dear City Council of New York City, New York RE: New York City Int. 1650-2017 – Prohibiting Conversion Therapy The

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Testimony – David Pickup, LMFT

Dear Legislators, This Therapy Ban bill is child abuse. This naïve and destructive bill makes it illegal for little children to receive therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions caused by sexual abuse by older teens or pedophiles. Can you imagine a

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Testimony – Andre Van Mol

In Opposition to Banning Therapy Choice As a board-certified family physician I strongly encourage you to oppose the bill banning “Conversion Therapy.” The bill is both unnecessary and misguided. The bill is needless. Over twenty states have voted down therapy

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Testimony – Karl Benzio, MD

Testimony Opposing Banning Therapy for Those with Unwanted Same Sex Attraction My name is Karl Benzio, MD. I am a psychiatrist licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and Florida and have been treating patients since 1989. A psychiatrist is a medical

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Testimony – Michelle Cretella

ACPeds, AAPS, CMDA and CMA Support Minors’ Right to Therapy Legislators must NOT ban therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attractions and/or gender dysphoria. The State must not violate minors’ right to seek psychotherapy they believe may aid them, and

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Testimony – Dr. Laura A Haynes

Therapy bans are dangerous, ineffective, and unjust for the very minors they purport to protect. How does banning therapy help children whose same-sex attraction was forced on them by child abusers like Mayor Murray and who want help to change

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