Chapter 5

  1. Studies of Homosexual Men and Their Fathers
  2. Global Sexual Deviance Advocacy: The Trojan Horse to Destroy the Family and Civil Society
  3. Does Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, or Neglect in Childhood
  4. Narth’s Critical Analysis of Task Force Report
  5. Percentage of Gays
  6. APA Appropriate Therapeutic Response to Sexual Orientation
  7. Childhood Family Correlates of Heterosexual and Homosexual Marriages
  8. Maltreatment and SSA
  9. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult SSA
  10. Trauma Violence Abuse
  11. Brother-Brother Incest
  12. Sexual Orientation as a Conditioned Response to Child Sexual Abuse
  13. Gender Identity Disorder
  14. Childhood Experiences of Female Homosexuals
  15. Maternal/Fraternal
  16. Babies
  17. Social Factors
  18. Neurophysiologic Development
  19. Sexuality and Gender: part 3