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Testimony of Dr. Andre Van Mol, MD AB2119

Download PDF here Oppose AB 2119 Foster care: gender affirming health care and behavioral health services Testimony of Dr. Andre Van Mol, MD, References to Scientific Literature follow: Transgender belief in childhood carries an overwhelming probability of desistance. Underlying issues

Video Testimony – David Pickup

Testimony – David Pickup, LMFT

Dear Legislators, This Therapy Ban bill is child abuse. This naïve and destructive bill makes it illegal for little children to receive therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions caused by sexual abuse by older teens or pedophiles. Can you imagine a

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Testimony – Andre Van Mol

In Opposition to Banning Therapy Choice As a board-certified family physician I strongly encourage you to oppose the bill banning “Conversion Therapy.” The bill is both unnecessary and misguided. The bill is needless. Over twenty states have voted down therapy

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Testimony – Karl Benzio, MD

Testimony Opposing Banning Therapy for Those with Unwanted Same Sex Attraction My name is Karl Benzio, MD. I am a psychiatrist licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and Florida and have been treating patients since 1989. A psychiatrist is a medical

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Testimony – Michelle Cretella

ACPeds, AAPS, CMDA and CMA Support Minors’ Right to Therapy Legislators must NOT ban therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attractions and/or gender dysphoria. The State must not violate minors’ right to seek psychotherapy they believe may aid them, and

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Testimony – Dr. Laura A Haynes

Therapy bans are dangerous, ineffective, and unjust for the very minors they purport to protect. How does banning therapy help children whose same-sex attraction was forced on them by child abusers like Mayor Murray and who want help to change

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Testimony Against Therapy Ban Bill- Christopher Rosik, Ph.D

August 2, 2017 Dear Legislator, I am the Past-President of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity. I am also a licensed psychologist and a long time member of the American Psychological Association. I am writing you to request

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