Chapter 2

  1. Homosexuality And The APA: Dishonesty And Infliction Of Harm
  2. APA Failure to Correct Misinformation
  3. Ideological Diversity Will Improve Psychological Science
  4. The Clinical and Political History of Sexual Orientation
  5. Martin Luther King’s Advice
  6. APA And Deceptive Science
  7. Satinover, The Trojan Couch
  8. Satinover’s Critique of APA Evidence
  9. Social Issues Stances by Fowler (Monitor Opinion)
  10. An Approach to Public Affairs
  11. Narth Response To The WMA Statement On Natural Variations Of Human Sexuality
  12. Psychology Losing Scientific Credibility
  13. Spitzer’s Retraction
  14. APA LGB Practice Guidelines
  15. APA and NARTH